My Birth Story

Being able to have a water birth was one of the best experiences of my life so far!

I always knew I wanted to have a water birth even before we decided to have kids. When I found out I was pregnant with my first I mentioned it to my friends and family. They started telling me about all the bad things that can occur and as a first time mom, of course, I fell for it and delivered my first son in a hospital.

I was induced at 40 weeks and 5 days. My birth experience at the hospital wasn’t bad but it was not at all what I envisioned or planned. For example, I had my birth plan lined up and they did not follow through with it. I wanted to delay cord clamping and the nurse still went in and clamped him right away and didn’t want to unclamp when we told her we wanted to delay. Just small details that bothered us.

When we planned to have my second boy, I knew I was going to do a water birth. Thankfully my sister in law, Vanessa, found this Birthing Center near my home. I toured the facility and instantly fell in love.

From my first appointment on forward I was absolutely in love with everything. Everything was so different. They actually cared to listen and explained every concern I had. Each appointment was scheduled for 30 minutes which is nice because I never felt rushed. They were always so welcoming and sweet to my son, always included him in everything.

The day of the delivery came around and I arrived to the birthing center. They had oils diffusing and some very relaxing music playing in the background. When I arrived I was already 10 cm dilated but my bag had not broke yet. I started walking around the facility and bouncing on the bouncy ball until my water broke. Once it did I decided to hop into the tub of warm water. The contraction pain did minimize. I asked the midwife why and she said it has something do with gravity, I don’t recall exactly what she said as I was in a lot of pain and trying to concentrate on my breathing.

Baby was born at 1:11 pm, it was nice to have my husband catch the baby under water. Once he caught him he handed the baby to me and we did skin to skin. I then went on to delivered the placenta, bathed and then nurse my baby. He was amazing since the beginning. Had a perfect latch and nursed like a champ! Way to go Zaphir. We delayed cord clamping for five hours.

I went home that same day. It felt nice to be able to go home and sleep on my own bed and be around my stuff. 2 days later midwife came to my house and checked on both the baby and I. They poked his heel and did all that fun stuff.

I was given a few natural stuff from the midwifes but the one I was mostly amazed by were some herbs called Eden herbs. You boil them and then pour some of that in warm bathtub to bathe in. It is supposed to help with the healing process. I swear by them. They helped recovery go by so much faster and smoother. I felt 100% by two weeks. No more pain, no more soreness and I did tear so healing there was super fast.

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  1. Wow! Way to go for the both of you! Both champs baby zaphir nd momma.(: wow if I plan on having another baby I’m really considering the water birth! Sounds so much more nicer everything about having a midwife go to your house instead of you going out! Also can I ask why you delayed the cord clamping?? Just caught my attention nd would like more info on that! congrats on your little baby zaphir once again 💞


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